” Nothing in Life is Accidental “

May 12, 2018

https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/createaccount?a_aid=bf2459d2        Life never stands still.  Just down the street from where I live a woodpecker bangs continuously his beak on the metal lampost, each and every summer it’s the same tutututu tutututu.  This is just one of those signs that life never stands still for anyone.  You ask yourself what has this got to do with WA and Affiliate Marketing?  We all are learning something new every day whether it is a new song lyrics or creating a new dessert, or just plain getting up in the morning to a change in the weather or finally getting that holiday you so much need or deserve.  I never dreamed that WA would be in my agenda but here I am learning something new and relying on my own perseverance and dedication which no one else can do for me, this is my baby and that is a good feeling in itself.  I now have goals to achieve, still have breath in my lungs, content that others are here to help when I need it and never a day exactly the same as the last.  God has been so good to me.  He has taken me out of the depths of despair and I will always LOVE YOU as the song goes.  This site can take us to heights beyond the horizon.  I have learned to create a website and still learning……how to get several things accomplished in a few hours instead of 1, and that it is ok to ask for help cause this is what makes the world go round.  I use to be content now I feel elated…..even if I don’t achieve all my goals I will be satisfied with achieving even 1 new one each day.

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